We Think

At Low302 we support and endorse responsible drinking and a safe environment for our customers. We do our best to make your night out with us as enjoyable and safe as possible. We are a modern restaurant, and as such our first priority is to serve you the best fresh quality food available, and we believe that as a modern restaurant our customers should also be entertained with great live music, DJ’s and other variety acts, such as magic shows and live performances from emerging and establish artists alike. At Low302 you are welcome to come in for just a drink and enjoy our free shows, but we do highly encourage you to try our wonderful food, as this is our primary purpose and what we do best. As we wish for all our customers to enjoy the relaxed and fun environment that Low302 offers, we do not tolerate the following: Intoxication. Disruptive or abusive behavior of any form. Harassment of customers or staff in any form. Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. We reserve the right to refuse admittance or ask a customer to leave if they chose to behavie in a manner unfit for this venue. Thank you, Sorry.

At Low302 we believe a great night out is the right mix of food, drinks and entertainment. We say eat well, drink in moderation, and dance the night away………Aim High – Go Low.